Laudanum Nights

A Novella by

Stephen Bacon

released September 2016


Who are the toymaker, the child-killer, and the magician? 


When a young girl is kidnapped from her home, suspicion falls upon one of her neighbours, Leonard Miller, whom the police discover has a cloudy past. In an effort to clear his own name, Miller must investigate the girl's disappearance. It's a journey that will take him from the teeming crowded dosshouses of Blackfold to a crumbling mansion nestling in the remote foggy marshes. 

There he will encounter a house full of the horrifically insane and the terrible answers to the child’s disappearance.


Becoming David


A Novella by


Phil Sloman


released September 2016


Richard leads a simple, uncomplicated life in the suburbs of London where anonymity is a virtue. His life has a routine. His cleaner visits twice a week. He works out in his basement, where he occasionally he kills people. 

Everything is as Richard wants it until David enters his life. What happens next changes his existence in its entirety and the lives of those around him. Is he able to trust anything to be true? And will he be able to escape David or will David take over Richard’s life completely?


Nominated for the  British Fantasy Society  Best Newcomer Award 2017


Paupers' Graves


A Novella by


James Everington


released September 2016


In a Nottingham cemetery, hidden away from the grandiose tombs of the city’s rich, are the old paupers’ graves. Katherine and her team have been ordered to create an exhibit based around the lives of those unfortunates buried beneath. But the paupers represent part of the city’s history that Katherine prefers to avoid thinking about… as well as part of her own. 

But the dead, having had nothing in life, are enraged that even the truth of how they lived is being taken from them. Buried up to twenty under one stone, they whisper in the dark. Maybe they can show Katherine and her colleagues what their history was really like… and how cheap life was considered.

The Factory


A Novella by


Mark West


released September 2016


Twenty years ago at college, Martin, Paul, Jane, and Gwen were members of the GLUE Club - the Gaffney Legendary Urban Explorers - run by the charismatic Tom. Now, following his mysterious death, they agree to meet up again and undertake one final exploration to honour his name. 

Aside from Paul who never left, none of them have been back to Gaffney since and the reunion is awkward, re-opening old wounds. As they begin to explore the long-abandoned Pocock Factory, it seems they might be intruding on something better left alone. As they succumb to the spirits in the darkness, it quickly becomes a battle to see who will survive the night.




A Novella by


Charlotte Bond


released September 2017


Jenny is furious when her mother moves them both to a self-sufficient commune. Jenny is determined to leave but, when she tries, she encounters an unnatural and terrifying presence.

Her new friend, Dan, is aware that there have been sinister goings on in Haven for some time. His home has become a place of unease and stalking shadows.

In the darkness of the surrounding forest, the two of them have to decide just who is more monstrous: whatever lurks in the trees, or the inhabitants of Haven itself.


Perfect Darkness,

Perfect Silence


A Novella by


Richard Farren Barber


released September 2017



After the apocalypse, only the dead are safe. 

Once the plague has swept across the world, a small community fights for survival. Hannah leads a crew disposing of the bodies of those who succumbed to the disease. It’s a horrific job – each day spent handling the infected, decaying bodies. 

She and the fledgeling community must fight to survive in this stuttering dark new Britain. Will they find a way to live together,  or will human nature and the problems of the old world push them to extinction?


Bury Them Deep


A Novella by


Marie O'Regan


released September 2017


As far back as she can remember, Maddie has been running.  Following her mother from place to place, believing her when told she was safe; until their pursuer found them again. And he always did find them. Alone now, Maddie’s run enough. She’s ready to turn and face their pursuer, to face down her fear and fight for her life. It’s what she was raised to do, and she won’t – can’t – let her mother down..


Bad Vision

A Novella by

Dave Jeffery

released October 2018

Ray Tonks has the power to see disasters as they happen. But he cannot do anything to stop them. Then comes the worst vision yet. Ray sees terrible future images, that defy logic, ghastly twisted shapes of depravity and torture. Now Ray must fathom if this latest vision is his first real chance to avert a dark and hideous catastrophe or a sign that his fragile mind has finally given in to madness.
Murder can change your mind.




A Novella by


Steve Lockley & Steven Savile

released October 2018



When the snow comes it brings more than just the cold. With the country caught in the grip of a blizzard, the residents of an isolated nursing home can only sit and wait. But only one of them knows the horror of Winterlong.



"Stories of loss and punishment, but even at his darkest Savile has a flair for finding beauty in the macabre, using usually-subtle horror to deliver a succession of poignant insights into love and humanity....striking and moving..." The Guardian

"Steven Savile has the gift of making the unbelievable completely believable, and leading you willingly into an illusory world that you can touch, feel and smell...but can you trust?" GRAHAM MASTERTON

“Mesmerizing and brilliant short fiction.” Fearzone

“Always reliable, Steve Lockley spins tales to delight, disturb and horrify.” TIM LEBBON

“Good, solid story telling. Steve Lockley is a master craftsman.” SIMON CLARK


Glorious Beasts

A Novella by

Gary McMahon

released April 2020

Cable makes his living tracking down bad men. His young son, Walker is unable to speak, but the boy notices signs and tracks that others fail to see. When they offer to help a woman whose baby was snatched in the night, they realise they might be searching the wilderness for something, unlike anything they've seen before. When men become beasts, something ancient awakes, and things worse than death roam the land.

cover kin final.jpg


A Novella by

Penny Jones

released April 2021

There’s something wrong with her husband, Mark. Lucy had heard all the rumours about him, the whispered warning behind her back. The half-heard Chinese whispers seemed to haunt her, mocking her wherever she goes. Now it appears that whatever’s the matter with Mark is spreading; tainting, infecting both strangers and those that she loves the most. So, Lucy will go to any lengths to protect both her young daughter and her unborn child.